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The Essex Police and ECF have successfully donated

over 12,000 pounds of food to SSKP with our two food collection events in November and December. With the increase of need seen this year, an additional event was added in September. Each pound of food we donate equates into a meal for a participant. Our events are held at the Colonial Market in Essex on Friday evenings. The December event showcases the John Winthrop and Valley Regional choruses who provide holiday caroling.



Our annual Stuff-A-Cruiser event is  November and December. Join us in donating food to The Shoreline Soup Kitchens.

Join this shoreline community conversation to listen and learn from each other and work together to support mental wellness with meaningful action. Click the tree to join.

Essex Community Fund

Please take a look at out 65th anniversary slide show that explains who we are and what we do.

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We service three villages. Ivoryton, Centerbrook and of course Essex


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